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OxiClean™ Multi-Purpose Stain Remover

The unique oxygen formula is pre-mixed in the bottle, to help save garments you once thought you’d have to throw away.

OxiClean™ Multi-Purpose Stain Remover fights the toughest stains, from red wine and blueberries to chocolate and tomato sauce — and it’s chlorine-free and colour-safe!



OxiClean™ Multi-Purpose Stain Remover can be used in and around the home on:

  • clothing
  • upholstery – in the home and car

How to use this product

  • Always test in an inconspicuous area first
  • Do not use on wool, wool blends, silk, silk blends, leather or fabrics labeled dry clean only
  • For best results, treat stains while still fresh
  • Do not let dry on fabric
  • Always follow manufacturer’s guidelines for item being cleaned
  • Read warnings and full directions on product label

Pre-treat for success!


  1. Spray directly onto stain until saturated
  2. Rub into fabric and let stand for up to 10 minutes
  3. Wash with your normal detergent


Use only on water-washable upholstery. Do not spray directly on stain.

  1. Spray on clean white towel and use towel to blot out stain. Do not spray directly on stain
  2. Dampen a clean white towel with water and blot area to rinse
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