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OxiClean® MaxForce® Pure Whites Liquid

Use NEW OxiClean® MaxForce® Pure Whites to WOW YOUR WHITES! Up to 50% WHITER!*


  • An incredible oxygen-based stain fighter that’s chlorine
    bleach free
  • Whitens whites
  • Gentle on whites
  • Removes stains
  • Boosts cleaning
  • Can be used in all washing machines, including
    High Efficiency
  • *vs. a leading detergent alone

How to use this product

  • For laundry use only
  • Always test in an inconspicuous area first
  • Always follow manufacturer’s guidelines for the item being cleaned
  • Not recommended for use on silk, wool, leather or fabrics labeled dry clean only
  • Read warnings and full directions on product label

For Standard Machines:

  1. Begin filling washer with proper temperature water for your load (see garment care tag)
  2. Add detergent AND OxiClean® MaxForce® Pure Whites (as directed on packaging) before adding laundry
  3. Add laundry load and wash as normal

For HE Machines:

  1. Add OxiClean® MaxForce® Pure Whites with your detergent into the dispenser
  2. Add laundry load and wash as normal

Pre-treat for success!

  1. Pour OxiClean® MaxForce® Pure Whites directly on stain and rub gently
  2. Wait 5 to 10 minutes (do not allow to dry on fabric)
  3. Wash as usual with detergent

Pre-soak to remove extra tough stains

  1. Mix OxiClean® MaxForce® Pure Whites with water (as directed on packaging)
  2. Add stained item and soak for up to 6 hours
  3. Add item with laundry and wash as normal
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